Paramount participates actively at technology events. We speak at conferences, join/ run public meet-ups, and participate/ organize hackathons. Some of our recent activities are listed below

Our presentations and hosted events

Viacom contributed to the free-to-attend Scala Hackaton organised by Warsaw Scala Enthusiasts. The event took place in our Warsaw office in June 2016.

more info: Scala Hackaton

Viacom took part in the 2016 Confitura conference. Like in the previous edition, we organized Viacom Programmer Adventure 2016 contest in which engineers were competing to win a smart watch. Thanks for participating in the conference and our contest.

more info: Confitura 2016

Viacom's Michael Venezia discussed how our company uses next generation Kubernetes infrastructure. Please check out the video on YouTube.

more info: Tectonic Summit

Michael Rosencrantz, Sr. Director, Back-end Engineering in the NYC Software Development Center, discussed Viacom's use of Apache Kafka in its real-time data collection system which also utilizes Apache Storm for real-time data processing, Amazon S3 for the storage layer, and Apache Cassandra as one component of its query layer.

more info: Apache Kafka NYC Meetup

Viacom contributed to the free-to-attend Scala45 meetup organised by Warsaw Scala Enthusiasts. This was one-day event with eight presentations about programming in Scala language.

more info: Warsaw Scala FortyFives - Scala Application Development

Viacom contributes to the 2015 Codepot conference. Codepot is a two-day densely packed set of mostly hands-on workshops. We are going to talk about a way of scaling your containers using Kubernetes in the AWS cloud. All participants will get access to a dedicated training account in AWS where they will be able to go with our tutor step-by-step.

more info: Codepot 2015

Viacom took part in the 2015 Confitura conference. Except for the regular activities, there were also two contests organized by Viacom. In Viacom Programmer Adventure 2015 engineers were able to show their software engineering skills and win a smart watch. The Viacom Paramount Contest 2015 allowed all participants to express their opinion about the Paramount Channel in Poland, suggest area for potential improvement and win awesome Paramount gadget sets. Thanks for participating in Confitura and our contests. See you all soon!

more info: Confitura 2015

How do you build a general purpose data collection tool that can be integrated into 100+ sites, handle 10,000 1K writes/second, and have nearly zero downtime? How do you do that and have an architecture virtually unchanged for 3+ years? Details of the architecture of the voting, polling, and data collection system that powers everything from the MTV Video Music Awards to the latest contests with celebrities powering Viacom Media Networks, home of MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and dozens of other brands.

more info: MongoDB World 2015

Handling streams of data — especially "live" data whose volume is not predetermined — requires special care in an asynchronous system. The most prominent issue is that resource consumption needs to be managed carefully. The Reactive streams project provides necessary abstractions to deal with these streams. In this presentation Nilanjan will show you how we can integrate Reactive streams with Play framework to build some compelling applications. And some glimpses of what coming in Play 3.

more info: Nilanjan Raychaudhuri about Scala

Second edition of HackVia took place in December 2014.

more info: HackVia 2

Rapture is a growing collection of libraries for everyday programming tasks like I/O, JSON & XML processing and cryptography, with a focus on beautiful, concise and intuitive code. Rapture packs a lot of power into a single line of code, and Jon will race through fifty of Rapture's smartest one-liners at a rate of one-a-minute, showing you how easy it is to perform everyday file and network I/O and structured data operations, without compromising type safety. All the code in the talk will be easy for beginners to understand, but more advanced developers may also learn some new tricks, so there should be something for everyone! Jon will be happy to answer questions about Rapture after the talk, though he has been involved in the recently-announced Typelevel Scala fork since its inception, so will be happy to answer questions on that, or any other Scala topic he knows about!

more info: with Jon Pretty

All Viacom employees had a chance to go to meet in New York and participate in the Viacom Hackathon (HackVia).

more info: HackVia